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May 2 – Front Range on Track Kickoff

This Sunday evening at Avogadro’s Number, Adam Bowen will be presenting information about a vision for connecting Fort Collins with the rest of the Front Range via passenger train.  This event is free to the public.

BLUEGRASS MUSIC: Mike Finders, Paul Kiteck, Mark Leslie, Jan Peterson and Darrin Goodman will be performing between 5:00 and 7:00 pm, and I believe that Adam’s presentation will take place somewhere in the middle.

You’re Invited! May 2 Front Range on Track Kickoff

Free Pizza!  Bluegrass music!
Entertaining and Informative presentation by Adam Bowen!
and the good company of lots of other people who want to see passenger rail connecting our front range communities once again.  What better way to spend your evening?

Invite your friends and, yes, definitely forward this information to others who may already be dreaming of the day when they have an alternative to driving their car every time they want to go to Denver, Boulder or even to the next town.

When:  Sunday, May 2, 5 – 7 pm
Where:  Avogadro’s Number, 605 S. Mason St in Fort Collins

See you there!
Front Range on Track (FRONT) Board and Friends
Our mission is to work for the re-establishment of passenger rail through city and town centers of Rocky Mountain Front Range communities to provide the necessary cost-effective transportation backbone to support the advancement of short and long-term regional economic prosperity and community vitality.

Making Life Easier With Scripts For Nautilus

In my previous post, I talked about how you can use Nautilus and the nautilus-image-converter as tools for resizing and rotating your images.  Although PCManFM is my preferred file manager, and I often use Thunar if I am bulk renaming files, I keep coming back to Nautilus for file management, network file browsing, image resizing/rotation, and for the ability to use custom scripts that help make life a little bit easier.  It is the latter that I wish to mention here.

Add Music Easily to the MoC Player Using Nautilus

The Nautilus script that I use most frequently is specific to the MoC (Music on Console) music player.  Credit for this one goes to Tyler “-z-” Mulligan. I’ve written in the past about the MoC Player, and of all of the music players that I’ve tried in the past, this one is by far my favorite.  So how does the script work?  Download Tyler’s script and save it in your ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts folder.  Change the permissions so that the file is executable.

$ chmod +x

Open up an instance of MoCp (the MoC player), open up Nautilus, and navigate to your music.  You can select individual files or large selections of files, then right click on the file(s), hover over the Scripts item, then select from the list.  This will add the file(s) to your MoCp playlist.  It’s an efficient way of loading music into your player, and is especially nice when you are looking to pick and choose only a song or two from various albums.

Mount and Unmount ISO Images Using Nautilus

Other scripts that I use on occasion are for mounting and unmounting an ISO file. Although there are other methods listed here and here, and likely even more here, I have had good luck with the and files that were posted by Lori Kaufman on the Help Desk Geek website.

Save the and files to your ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts folder, and change the permissions so that the files are executable.

$ chmod +x *.sh

Using Nautilus, navigate to your ISO file, right-click on it, then select “Scripts” from the menu; then select to mount the file, or to unmount an already mounted file.

Check out Lori’s article for more screenshots and instructions.

Note to Self: Here are some other Nautilus scripts that I have not yet explored, but will put on the backburner for later.

TefView Runs Under Wine

TablEdit is a program for creating, editing, printing and listening to tablature and sheet music (standard notation) for guitar and other fretted, stringed instruments, including mandolin and bass. This is a very useful tool for those who are trying to learn a new instrumental tune.  Multiple instrument tracks can also be created; for instance, the user could toggle between tablature for guitar, mandolin, all within the same song file.

TEFview is a free TablEdit file viewer. Files that were created with TablEdit can be viewed/listened to using TEFview. Unfortunately, they only offer a Windows and Mac version of the software.

With past versions of Ubuntu, I have been able to run the TEFviewer under wine, but I had to also install Timidity and and make some custom configurations. Now, with the latest version of Wine and Ubuntu, you can easily intall TEFview.

Download TEFview from  I installed this on my CrunchBang system which made the process slightly more complicated, but not too bad.  I chose to install Wine-Doors, which I have had good luck with in the past when running under Ubuntu.  When you install Wine-Doors, you are also installing the standard Wine package. Wine is in the Ubuntu repositories and is as easy to install as typing “sudo apt-get install wine” into your terminal emulator.  If you wish to instead install Wine-Doors, download the appropriate file from here:  For Ubuntu, dowload the .deb version.  Navigate to the file in your file manager, right-click on it and select “Open with gdebi package manager”.  Follow the installation procedure.  Once finished, you’ll find a menu launcher under Applications > Wine > Wine-Doors.  Launch Wine-Doors and specify that you do have a valid Windows license; once the setup has completed, a window will open that contains various software that can be installed.  Select File > Install From CD, and then browse to the directory where you saved the TefView software, then select the tefv.exe file and click Run.  Follow the installation wizard.

Here is the TefView in action.



Fort Collins Bluegrass and Old Time Music

Fort Collins sure has some great music flowing through its veins!  It surely is a mecca for Bluegrass music, and Old Time music is starting to become more prevalent too!  Check out a couple of local bands:

The Horsetooth Mountain Rangers

Cottonwood Grove, a Fort Collins Old Time Stringband

New Years Eve Celebration TONIGHT at Avogadro’s Number

Looking for a fun way to bring in the new year?

Join us at the New Year’s Eve Pot Luck Party tonight at Avogadro’s Number!  The Horsetooth Mountain Rangers will be playing from 7:00 – 8:30.  Bring a dish to share, bring your instrument, bring a friend, and come shake your booty!

Hope to see you there!
Have a Happy New Year!!!

Take Note — Local Upcoming Shows

August 7 (Thurs), The High Windy Bluegrass Band
Avogadro’s Number, 9:00 p.m., $12

August 15 (Fri), Jalan Crossland Trio
Avogadro’s Number, 8:00 p.m., $12

August 30 (Sat), The Billy Pilgrims
Avogadro’s Number, 8:00 p.m., $10

August 29 (Fri), Punch Brothers (Chris Thile) & The Grant Gordy Quartet
The Mish, doors 7:00 / show 8:00, $22

September 6 (Sat), Peter Rowan & Tony Rice Quartet
The Mish, doors 7:00 / show 8:00, $25

Strings In The Mountains

This year, the Strings In The Mountains series brought The Infamous Stringdusters and Crooked Still to Steamboat Springs. Although both bands cleaned house, Crooked Still also mopped up the stage and cleaned the cob webs out of the stage lights. Amazing.

Rushad sat in front of me for a spell while the Stringdusters were on stage. His appearance was mostly normal save for the elven-sort of hat that he donned on his head like a top-knot. He shot out of his seat and disappeared once the Stringdusters left the stage. Once Crooked Still had been announced, wearing a bright and shiny pink satin suit with a red and white striped scarf around his neck, Rushad took to the stage as if he owned it.

Aoife was in prime form. Stunning voice. Stunning woman. Although I am in love with her voice, I am more in love with the entire sound that is called Crooked Still. Shaken by a low sound indeed.

Rushad was incredibly comical throughout the night. At one point, he was speaking as though he were an old gold miner (he was Railroad Bill I believe), as he explained to the audience about the gold rush of 1849. Aoife was surprised to learn that the term “forty-niners” refers to those who travelled west to California for the gold rush of 1849. Rushad went on prodding her when he asked her, “… Ever heard of the Denver Nuggets?” More comedy ensued when Rushad’s odd hat burst from his head in an explosion of brown and blond hair when he started “head-banging” during one of his instrumental solos. Visions of bass player Les Claypool (Primus) with a helicoptering Mohawk filled my head as Rushad seemingly scared the old couple in front of him up and out of their seats. I’m not sure if the couple ever returned or not. Aoife later commented on the incident stating that she felt bad and that she hoped that the couple would be back. After all, Strings is a somewhat classically-oriented music series. Rushad said multiple other things as well as performed a number of actions throughout the rest of the show that left me retching my gut in laughter. Aoife just kept looking puzzled as she kept asking Rushad, “…What are you doing???” Pretty funny.

Gregory Liszt’s banjo licks were on target with their music. Very spirited and all were a style of his own. Corey kept the music alive and off the ground with his bass.

Great show. I drove 3 hours to see Crooked Still and would do so again in a heartbeat. I wish that I had brought a camera with me to show Rushad’s pink suit. It was a sight to see. Perhaps we can get them to come to Fort Collins soon.

the good stuff…

Casey Driessen’s show was no less than spectacular, and Brother Mule cranked out an excellent selection of music. Thank you for including Fort Collins on the list of stops, and thank you also to the Swing Station and to Avo’s.

Steamboat Springs will be soon hosting its annual Strings In The Mountains music festival. Two bands that I am really looking forward to seeing there in June are Crooked Still and the Infamous Stringdusters. Here’s a little teaser of what I hope is soon to come…

Upcoming Shows | Week of May 7th, 2007

>> Casey Driessen is playing at the Swing Station in LaPorte on Wednesday. — $10

>> Brother Mule is playing this Thursday night at Avogadro’s Number at 8:00 pm. — $7.00

>> Also, check out this week’s film listing at the Lyric Cinema Cafe.

—–===[ Be there or be a big fat fruitcake. ]===—–

Kristin Andreassen | Aoife O’Donovan

As my friend Eddie says, “If only it were possible to marry a voice…”

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