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Casey Driessen’s show was no less than spectacular, and Brother Mule cranked out an excellent selection of music. Thank you for including Fort Collins on the list of stops, and thank you also to the Swing Station and to Avo’s.

Steamboat Springs will be soon hosting its annual Strings In The Mountains music festival. Two bands that I am really looking forward to seeing there in June are Crooked Still and the Infamous Stringdusters. Here’s a little teaser of what I hope is soon to come…

Upcoming Shows | Week of May 7th, 2007

>> Casey Driessen is playing at the Swing Station in LaPorte on Wednesday. — $10

>> Brother Mule is playing this Thursday night at Avogadro’s Number at 8:00 pm. — $7.00

>> Also, check out this week’s film listing at the Lyric Cinema Cafe.

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Kristin Andreassen | Aoife O’Donovan

As my friend Eddie says, “If only it were possible to marry a voice…”

Independent Film Cinema in Fort Collins

With the recent opening of the Lyric Cinema Cafe, the Fort Collins community now has an outlet for getting on an indie film fix. They are not just a movie house either; they offer food, a cafe-style caffeine fix, as well as serve up a small selection of local micro brews… which by the way, you can sip on while watching the evening’s feature presentation. You can check out their weekly movie schedule on their website:

Windows McPatchy Patch, Ultimate Addition

I ran across this today on Planet Ubuntu and had a good laugh.

Stack Overflow comic strip

Dell Leading The Way….

Dell to offer Solid State drives in Select Laptops:
What a great idea! Fewer moving parts may lead to greater longevity; a drive that is not spinning is much quieter; fast drive speeds are always a big plus. It will be interesting to see this catches on and more companies start offering flash technology in their portable machines. More info here…

Dell Now Offering Linux as Alternative OS:
Another Dell-related topic that has been big in the news lately in the Linux world is that, after having received a huge response to their IdeaStorm website regarding offering consumers a choice in operating systems, Dell will now offer consumer machines with Ubuntu Linux pre-installed. Dell has tried this in years past and it did not go over so well, but considering how far along Linux has come since then and also considering how many more Linux users are out there these days, I can only hope that Dell will receive greater support in their decision to offer this alternative choice in operating systems. I am very happy to see that Dell, a major computer manufacturer, has chosen to lead the way and set an example for all the world to see.

In my opinion, what will encourage consumers to support Dell’s decision to offer pre-installed Linux machines is if the machines will end up costing less than comparable machines that have Windows installed. If there is no significant price difference, then I am not so sure that Dell will receive the support that they will be looking for in order to continue to offer an alternative choice to consumers. As with myself, most Linux users that I know enjoy building their machine and customizing it personally as opposed to purchasing something that has a pre-installed OS. Part of the fun of running a Linux box is that you built it yourself. However, this brings up the purist question of even using an OS like Ubuntu, where everything is already compiled and built for you, so all you have to do is run the installation off of the CD; the other option is to custom build/compile your OS with Gentoo or Debian… or the more extreme alternative is to write your own OS from scratch. So, I guess that the level of the OS install is up to the user, and to some, purchasing a pre-installed Linux box may be just the ticket. Although I would possibly choose to reinstall the OS and customize things the way I like, I would still support purchasing a pre-installed Linux box. Great idea! I sincerely hope that it takes off, and I hope that this does not somehow come back around to bite the open source movement in the ass in some backwards way.

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