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Google Analytics & Linux Users

Recently I set up a Google Analytics account for a site that I administer. What an impressive tool. One of the sets of data that I am interested in (on a personal level) is what operating system my users are using. More people are using Linux than Mac to visit our site! Check out the data:

Google Analytics looks at Operating Systems

CrunchBang Linux #!

Philip Newborough has taken the base flavor of Ubuntu, shaken a little bit of OpenBox on top, added a pinch of applications to suit his taste, and the result is CrunchBang Linux (#!). I’ve been running this now on two different systems, both of which are old and limited on resources, and I have been extrememly pleased with the results. After attempting (and failing) to create my own flavor of Ubuntu-light (base Ubuntu using a tiling window manager such as Awesome or Xmonad), I was very pleased to run across #!. I do still want to get a system up and running with a tiling window manager and see what that’s like, but in the mean time, #! is working well on my old PII and PIII laptops.

#! website:
#! Forum:
IRC: #crunchbang

Up until now, I’ve been using version 7.10.01. Version .02 came out today, and mostly seems to have just been updated with some more software and a modified theme. For the old systems that I am using #! on, I’d rather have a lighter weight OS and probably won’t use the apps that have been packaged in version .02, so for now, I’m sticking with the original version. I like the default theme better in .01 anyway too. The 7.10 in the version number specifies that the OS is based on Ubuntu 7.10, Gutsy Gibbon.

#! Linux on old PII Thinkpad

Anyway, I’ve been extremely pleased thus far with #! and plan to continue to use it. I recommend trying it out. Links to ISO’s and mirror sites can be found at the bottom of the #! project homepage.

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