Dear LazyWeb,

From time to time, I am required to use third party tools in my job where I may have to copy a bunch of information (separate fields of data) and paste them one at a time into a web form.  Years ago, while working at a small web design firm, I was introduced to a tool for Windows called ClipMate.  At that point in time, ClipMate proved to be a huge time-saver when copying customer data from our Access database and then pasting it into an online account setup form for a third party web-stats tracking service that we used on client websites.  What sets ClipMate apart from other clipboard tools is that it not only stores a list of your clips (either text or images), but it will allow you to select a clip from where you would like to start pasting from, and then continue pasting down the list, one clip at a time.  In the example that I stated previously, can you imagine going to the database, copying the client’s name, then pasting the name in the web form, then going back to the database to copy the next required chunk of information, and so forth…?  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to go to the database and copy, copy, copy, copy, copy…, then go to the web form and paste, paste, paste, paste….?  ClipMate allows you to do this.

There are a handful of clipboard managers/organizers in the world of open source, but I have yet to find one that will do as I have described above.  It has been some years now since I’ve used ClipMate, but recently, because of some repetitive copying and pasting that I’ve been doing in my job, I purchased a new license and am again happily plodding along with my friend ClipMate.  However, this requires that I am using a Windows machine.  Fortunately in my job, I have two separate production machines – on Linux and one Windows, so I am able to pick and choose the tools that work best for the task that I am trying to accomplish.  Below are some screenshots of ClipMate in action:

I would like to have a Linux-friendly clipboard tool that will do as I have described – pasting successively from the list of clipboard elements.  Seeing as how the clipboard tools that I’ve seen will allow you to select an item from the clipboard list and paste that item, it doesn’t seem like it would be all that difficult to implement a feature that would allow you to successively paste one item at a time from the list.  I’m not sure that my programming skills are sharp enough to accomplish this at the moment, nor do I have the time to invest in trying to figure out how to implement such a feature, so I am hoping that some skilled individual will read my plea and decide to do what Open Sourcers do… grab some fine piece of software that already exists, make it better, and re-release it to the world.

Incidentally, I’ve tried running ClipMate under Crossover and Wine, and although the software did run, it somehow did not seem to be able to connect with my clipboard and so it was useless to me.

Maybe what I am looking for already exists and I just am not aware of it.  Please feel free to comment and let me know if you have found a tool that will work as I have described, or if you have created something that will perform the desired task.  Thank you!